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Help Fix a Broken Healthcare System in 3 easy Steps!

One of AAMAC's primary missions is to advocate for our patients. We have been following the issue concerning access to stem cell transplantation in Ontario.
Stem cell transplants have been the only cure available for many bone marrow diseases for decades. The provincial transplant system has become untenable. Recently, the largest transplantation centre in the province has stopped taking patient referrals because the waiting list is too long.
We need your help to let our Members of Provincial Parliament know that access to stem cell transplants must be improved now!
Step 1
Personalize a letter to your MPP. Click here to access a sample letter that can be edited. Remember to save your letter.
Step 2
Find your local MPP, Health Minister Eric Hoskins', Primier Kathleen Wynne and contact them! Remember to edit your letter with the appropriate contact information.
Step 3
Take action! Contact the Premier, Health Minister and your local MPP to bring awareness to this healthcare crisis.
Do you live outside Ontario?
You can still make a difference.
Please reach out directly to the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health. She can be reached by email at: Hon.Jane.Philpott@Canada.ca or 613-957-0200.

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